Sunday, 22 May 2016

'Eve'...........The new Moments bag design

So I've been sewing away testing a new pattern by Liz at Moments
I have to say she's a beauty. I love being a tester for Liz as every pattern she writes I learn something new. Liz has a real talent for creating patterns with unusual construction methods.

The one thing I find restrictive about a lot of patterns is the lack of choice.......not so with Eve, shes a bag with so many zipper........faux leather.....fabric.......combination of the two.....magnet......twist lock........the options are endless.
You can find the pattern here......

I started with the flap option and chose to make her in a combination of fabric and faux leather.
I read the pattern........yes you read that right......I read the pattern....not once but twice.......I must be getting soft in my old

So here she is, this is totally following the pattern, a fantastic sized bag that can hold a small laptop with ease, unusual flap designs and shorter grab handles......for a little added 'va va voom' she also has a fab silver trim from  For me fitting that was the most complicated part of the bag. The bag pattern is aimed at intermediate level sewers, but I believe if your capable of fitting a zipper, the instructions are so well written you should be able to manage this.

The pattern is written with the same touch of humour as all of Liz's patterns...........,she adds notes for sewing with faux leather, and tells you where to stop and check things to make life easier. Sadly I totally disregarded one of those notes and left the lining zipper pocket closed when I put this one together. BIG MISTAKE......HUGE..........the bag is turned through that pocket, needless to say I had to use my seam ripper to get to the zipper to open it. I wish I could say I learned from this first glaring error............out of six bags I've done, I've made the same mistake four times........this is not a reflection on the pattern, but on my lack of reading it!

Eve number two is the zipper version, again an unusual way of fitting the zipper so it sit lower inside the bag, gives a much more professional finish than a zipper sitting on top of the bag. I love the boxy shape of this one. Made from scraps of left over Faux leather from Bag Camp and some Harris tweed scraps that I quilted together to create the front panel. I used webbing instead of leather for the straps and connecting panels as I didn't have enough leather, but I think it works ok.......

Eve number three I decided I could have a little play with, so added a slip pocket to the front panel and a longer cross body strap rather than the short grab handles. made in Essex linen and décor weight fabric this makes a fab summer bag, the additional pocket is ideal for your keys or phone, I used side accent straps to attach the connectors but kept them low on the bag as I think one of the clever features of the bag is the lack of side seams.......if you don't make bags that wont seem that clever to you........but if you do you will understand that this is a totally different way of constructing a bag! worth buying the pattern just to see how that bit works in my
(please note: the slip pocket and long strap are NOT options given on the pattern but additions that I made)

Number four. I went a bit pocket crazy and added them to all the panels, so you have four deep slip pockets on the outside of the bag with pretty accent flaps.........again a long strap and a magnetic fastening rather than the flap or zipper, I think this one has a much more casual look to it than the previous ones. You can see how versatile the design is??? with a little imagination and a small amount of sewing know how you can transform eve into so many different looks........she really is a woman with so many faces..... Made in décor weight cotton canvas by Clarke & Clarke
And totally blinged up 'in your face' Eve in all her glittery glory.

I really wanted to use the beautiful green cotton and steel canvas's flecked with gold, trying to decide what to put with it took me ages...........I didn't want to over egg the pudding......I wasn't having any joy deciding so I decided in the end to just throw everything at this is quite a statement bag, gold, gold and even more gold, glitter, bling and all that jazz. The gold zipper was an ebay find......not great quality but sparkly and wonderful.........and I was totally going to use it even if it wasn't great quality. I had enough zipper left to create zipper piping on the front of the bag and an additional zipper pocket to the rear.....combined with glitter vinyl and some beautiful Tula Pink Eden range for lining this bag is a stunner! ..for hard wear I used recycled gold buckles (from a charity shop bag) and some matching oblong connectors........I think you could carry this either way, both sides are different but could easily be the front or the bag........This ones a
I thought i was all Eve'd out.......but I kept finding myself looking at the photos of the bag Liz pleated faux leather........after a bit of a search for some to buy in the UK I discovered that I can get it, however I will need to sell vital body organs to pay for it, so decided to try and make some myself..........I know I know.......madness with that in mind I pulled from my stash some very thin and stretchy faux leather and just went to tow to create pleated faux leather......the resulting bag I'm rather pleased with but ill let be the judge of


So that's my EVE collection all done. I've had a great time testing this one, adding my own spin on an already very good pattern.......
The pattern is available here
and Moments also has a Facebook group
where you can ask any questions you have directly to Liz or any of her testers who I'm sure will be happy to help.
A great bag, with lots of options, pattern is well written with loads of photos (I use those more than the words) lots of new techniques to learn and take away to use on other patterns.
Go get yours now!


  1. You are to funny !!
    I bet your not Eve'd out !! LOL

  2. They are all lovely, and you are quite creative yourself. I like #1 and #4 the best. I just purchased Eve and bought the passport wallet pattern too.

    1. I keep changing my mind which one I like best, at the moment I'm leaning towards the pleated one.........but tomorrow.........who