Saturday, 15 October 2016

Rubie by Moments Designs

It's been a's been a long and beautiful summer........sewing came to a halt while I went on holiday but now I'm back.......and here is my first offering of the Autumn.....

Rubie is the new design from Liz at Moments.....Liz claimed in the first instance to be creating a 'simple quick sew'........and so she was in the beginning. Like all good things they evolve. Whilst Rubie is still a pretty quick sew she now has several options, something for every taste, and better still, two ways to wear her.

So lets start with my first offering.
All in faux leather and following the pattern (well more or less)
Rubie is a stylish sassy cross body bag with an unusual cuff at the top that can be worn rolled over, or if you have more to carry you just roll it up and the bag capacity is increased by almost 1/3.......clever idea eh? The pleated front panel add interest to the design.....especially when accented with rivets or decoration of some sort.....

There isn't anywhere obvious to add embroidery on Rubie......but there is a really useful little invisible pocket tucked under the cuff. I couldn't help myself, as soon as I saw that on the pattern I knew I had to use a 'chad'..........CHAD??? yes Chad or as Liz calls him Kilroy..I guess it depends where you are in the world, I call him chad, others call him other things........but he looks fab just peeking out from on top of the pocket.

I love that Liz designs bags that can be turned through the pocket, it's so much neater inside when you don't have to stitch up the gaping hole you turned through.......this way it's all at the bottom of the pocket so nobody can see....I added a large slip pocket to the back of the bag rather than doing pleats front and back.....oh and did I mention the strap hardwear?  don't even get me started.......Liz is using a clever threading system suggested by another of her don't use a traditional slider for the adjustable strap.......I can tell you it took me several attempts to get it right.....but once I had it sussed, it seems really easy. A great trick to keep in your tool box for those days when you don't have the slider you need!

For number two I decided to try and change it ip a bit and piece my front and gold......I love the way she looks, again I added a tall slip pocket to the rear......and changed up the hardwear as this was all I had in gold that suited... 

Number three is a classy little number in cork and indigenous fabric..........keeping it really simple with no additional outer pockets just the beautiful cork. I love this combination.

It all goes a bit 'off piste' at this point. I decided that those pleats could perhaps be zippers...........and I probably should have stopped at that thought, but something kept me going......and I added a long zipper right around the top of the cuff.......without any thought to how practical that would be at if the cuff is up....I can use it.....if its down and I open the zipper I'll be leaving a trail of odds and sods behind me as I go......Hansel and Gretel least ill be able to find my way home!

It was while I was hunting down my long zippers for number four that I stumbled across my prized piece of Alison Glass ExLibris fabric........and suddenly I am inspired. Ok so lets confess here and a hacker.....its what I do. I love following a pattern, but I love not following it better. And it is with this in mind that I decided to make Rubie as 'I' would wear her. I'm not a little bag kind of girl. I carried my Isobel on holiday and I enjoyed the freedom of a smaller bag but for everyday use I really need something bigger. Rubie is a  good size, but for me I really like her with the cuff there seems no point in making a bag where the cuff can roll down.......once ive got this idea inot my head it opens up all sorts of ideas. So here she is, my number 5 Rubie

Yes this is heavily hacked... I missed off the pleats as they would have spoiled the fabric.......and I straightened out the cuff as it doesn't need to roll down for me........and I used some strap hard wear from Emmaline bags.....add a funky welt pocket to the outside of the cuff and a whole load of zippered and slip pockets inside and she's custom built to suit me and my needs......

So there we have it.....Rubie in all her glory and several ideas for additions that aren't on the pattern as if you need more.
The pattern is well written, with all the tips you could ever need for sewing with faux leather, and additional ideas for all the way through for those of us who don't read.........and so many options to customise the design to suit you.......
She is on sale for the first few there really no good reason not to go and buy her now.....

bet you cant resist eh???

Happy sewing

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