Monday, 11 January 2016

Death by Donut!

How many of us become totally engrossed in what we are doing when we sew? I know I often have my ear buds in and maybe music or a book going in my ears, I'm 'in the zone' oblivious to anything other than what I'm doing. I often think my house could be robbed and id be none the wiser.
I have a little tale to share with you all.........this is totally true!
Let me set the scene for you......

This is my sewing you can see I sit in a lovely sunny bay window to sew, primarily because the lights best there, and it means I can people watch as I can see down the drive to the road too. You can see I have one of my embroidery machines to my left.
 I was doing some embroidery, one of those designs that has a lot of thread changes and takes an age to stitch out. I decided that I would take the chance to have a coffee and a donut while the machine did its thing. It might be just me but I find watching an embroidery machine do its stuff totally hypnotic, it still amazes me that they can do what they do in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. Again I must be getting used to that by now. So back to the machine is sewing away, I've got my coffee and a jam donut I found in the cupboard.......I do love a jam donut, I never think the ones with a hole are real donuts.......more like sweet bread rings with sugar on......
The machine is doing its thing and I'm savouring my donut......gazing out of the window watching the rain and people walking past without coats on. Don't they know its raining?
All of a sudden.............BANG! A really really loud BANG!
Holy SHIT hell, how I didn't fall off the chair I don't know, I looked down, Oh my lord there's blood, I've been shot, somebody's shot me! I jump from my chair and look out of the window to see if I can see the perpetrator of this horrible crime..........who knew that machine envy could illicit such a heinous crime.
I can almost see you laughing as your reading this, I'm laughing as I type, but I assure you, at that moment, for that few seconds I believed it. I'm craning my head to see as far down the road as possible, not once did it occur to me that the window was intact.
It felt like a long time before I realised it wasn't quite what it seemed, the needle on my embroidery machine has broken, the surprise of the bang had caused me to squeeze my donut and the jam.......raspberry of course........was now clotting all down the front of my lovely white shirt.
A near death experience if there ever was one, I just hope the red mark comes out of my shirt!


  1. LOL...lesson to be learned....don't eat raspberry filled donuts !! LOL
    Love your sewing room !!
    I want those little chest of drawers ( left side by your window or the one under your seger !!)

    1. those are printers trays, they have lots of little sections in each drawer, probably about 1930 is full of kam snaps, the other has all my small bits and bobs............these photos are when the room was fairly tidy, it looks like this maybe twice a

  2. Oh Christine, I loved it. I can see myself doing something like that. Just before I retired (figuring it would be my last chance to afford it), I traded two single needle embroidery machines for a 6-needle and a really nice sewing machine that was designed for quilters. I got both the new machines for less than the 6-needle usually costs. Anyway, I have learned that my 6-needle always knows when I have gone very far away from her and she does bad things when I am out of the room. I, too, still love to watch either single or multi-needle embroidery machines run (and I have been doing machine embroidery for lots of years). Loved your blog. Thanks for the chuckle!!