Sunday, 10 January 2016

UP UP and AWAY passport Wallet

I've decided to start at my most recent make, then perhaps work out from here, so there will be bags before day one, and bags from afterwards.......does that make today a special day? So without further ado, lets get to the nitty gritty. I was asked before Christmas to test a pattern for a first time pattern writer. I was so flattered I almost burst into tears. To a bag maker a pattern designer is sort of 'God like'..........they create the patterns that give us the tools to create the bags. I've used patterns from several different designers, some are great and easy to follow, some less so. Some designers are just human beings, some think they are 'more' not going to name names, I have no wish to slag anyone off, needless to say you never know until you try them. Anyway, I digress.........something I'm prone to doing, just stick with me and I will usually come back to the point.

So there I was, proud as punch to have been asked to 'test' the first pattern by a new designer, a lady who's bags I have long admired and who's work is impeccable. the draft pattern arrives in my inbox and I am determined to do the pattern justice. I guess at this point I should tell you I'm not a great one for reading instructions, I probably make life more complicated for myself but I often just glance through then discard the instructions..........on this occasion I was adamant I was going to read every word. In the event the excitement got the better of me..........I went straight to the pattern pieces and cut them, totally ignoring the instructions. I already had an idea about what I wanted to do, and I knew the instructions wouldn't help me............I might add the job of a pattern tester is to see if the pattern works, not to ignore the instructions, but hey,,,,, I'm new to this,,,,,,lol

So here she is, my first attempt at the UP UP and AWAY passport wallet, closely followed by my second attempt, again I didn't follow the instructions but I like the way she looks!

Having now done two without following the pattern I felt it was only right and fair to actually follow the instructions, after all that's what my job was meant to be........number three and four arrived in quick succession, making the same pattern gets easier the more you do it, but this is a simple pattern, designed for the confident beginner so shouldn't really pose too many problems for anyone who can master the basics of their machine. The way the pattern is worded is fantastic, there's a humour in the wording that makes me smile all the way through. Liz from Moments has a clever way with words that makes you feel as though she's there next to you reading the pattern out to you. She understands that some of us tend to just 'ad lib' I like the little footnotes that warn you not to panic at some points in the construction, I will admit that when the instructions told me to sew all the way around a pocket I did wonder how it was ever gong to work, but I stuck with the pattern and it does, lo and behold a pocket appeared exactly the way the pattern said it would! Amen to reading the pattern!

This morning I made number 5,,,,,,,,,,I didn't read the pattern, I didn't need to having done two using it.........and I'm happy with the results........the UP, UP and AWAY passport wallet is a cracking little wallet that will be a great accessory for anyone who travels, with room for four passports, boarding cards and all the other gubbins that we carry when we travel its the perfect holiday accessory. I for one will be using mine when we head off somewhere sunny this summer (please can that not be camping again this year husband?)

So my first time as a tester went ok, I guess I'll find out for sure if I get asked again when the next pattern comes out........but for now I'm happy with what I've created and happy to have been part of the birth of a new design and a new designer!

 If you would like to buy one made up, then please pop over to see me at where I will be delighted to help.

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  1. Christine, Love your blog. You have a nice touch of humor that made me grin. Love your versions of Liz's first pattern!!